A powerful pool

The CC pool of containers and shelves allows for a seamless flow of goods back and forth the chain.
As a pool member you don’t have to worry about the quality, exchangeability and availability of well maintained containers and shelves in required quantities.

Change is needed

For the future, change is needed because the CC pool contains a wide range of wooden shelves in different quality ranges. This is due to the influx of imitation shelves that are lower in price, but also much lower in quality when compared to the original CC Wood shelves.

Rising costs and complexity

Low quality wooden shelves lead to unwanted costs for handling and repair. Broken shelves need to be sorted and returned, people can get injured while handling broken shelves and product quality may suffer.

The benefits of CC Solid


The metal shelf CC Solid is more resistant to water and dirt than wooden shelves. CC Solid is more durable and sustainable and has a lower need for repair.


Its nested design allows for a single container to be loaded with more CC Solids than the current stacking capacity of 30 wooden shelves per base.
A CC Solid can carry 120 kg of uniformly distributed load, it requires less storage capacity and it is lower in weight than wooden shelves. This results in reduced CO2 emissions thanks to increased logistic efficiency.


CC Solid is equipped with an RFID tag which facilitates electronic counting, tracking and tracing.

Hook placement

CC Solid has a different hook placement compared to the wooden shelves.
We received feedback on the impact of this different hook position on the operational processes in the horticulture chain. That’s why we are still discussing this.
Ultimately the third week of January 2017 we will communicate and explain our final decision regarding the hook placement of CC Solid.

Implementing CC Solid

We consult the market to find the best way to implement CC Solid. There are 2 scenarios for implementation:

Scenario A

CC Solid can in due course substitute the current wooden shelves in the market

  • Customers can keep the wooden shelves, except shelves under STH contracts
  • In the first 5 years 20% of a customer’s contracted wooden shelf volume per year is available in CC Solids which customers can use to replace non-functional shelves
  • CC will stop repairing non-functional wooden shelves, all other services continue
  • CC adds CC Solids to the CC pool under a LTH contract
  • The annual pool fee remains the same, there is no surcharge
  • To enlarge the customers contract shelf volume, a step-in fee of €2.50 per CC Solid is due

Scenario B

CC Solid co-exists with wooden shelves

  • CC continues service of wooden shelves, only the repair service changes
  • An annual repair quota is set at a maximum of 40% of a customer’s contract volume in the first year and 20% in the second year. Beyond this, a repair charge per shelf is due
  • CC Solids will be made available to interested CC customers under LTH or STH contracts
  • Pricing of new LTH contracts will be set at market prices

Join the discussion!

Implementing CC Solid is a joint effort.
That’s why we consult our customers to discuss CC Solid and the best scenario for implementation.

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